ongoing and upcoming

☛ 28th May - 30th September 2022: group exhibition "Da Chagall a de Chirico e oltre" 21gallery, curated by Cesare Biasini Selvaggi, Villorba
☛ 4th June - 2nd October 2022: group exhibition "All Inclusive" in Museo Gigi Guadagnucci, curated by Cinzia Compalati, Massa
☛ October (date to be confirmed) 2022: performance "Stringere lo spazio di me e te", Coop, curated by  Virginia Fabrizi, Ponte a Greve
☛ 13th  October - 10th December 2022: solo exhibition "Cosa non รจ inferno", curated by Chiara Guidoni, Indigo Art Gallery, Perugia
☛ On-going 2021-2022: group exhibition "CTLR+" in collaboration with the artists Qiu Zhongming / Wang Xin - curated by Yu Gao, Beijing


Portrait by Giorgia Tronconi @ Cone7 in Bergen (Norway)


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