mind the door!

Credit Fabio Mantovani

Mind the door!

Permanent installation in Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena, Bologna, curated by Silvia Evangelisti and Luigi Ficacci and opened on November 29th 2013.

It was also presented on:
11/2013 - Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna, curated by Silvia Evangelisti and Luigi Ficacci;
07/2013 - Moscow Biennale of Young Art (RUS), curated by Elena Selina;
01/2012 - Arte Fiera Art First, Bologna, curated by Silvia Evangelisti.

It is an automatic sliding door that doens'nt open with the mere presence of a person.
Smiling is the only way to open the door.

If you want to pass through the door you have to understand the way to open it, because there are no signals to inform you about the mechanism. 
The installation is a metaphor to remind you can open doors just by smiling.

Dal diario di Antonello Ghezzi

Mind the door! √® un'installazione artistica. Un oggetto. 
Un modo di pensare.

Sono delle porte scorrevoli automatiche con una particolarit√†: solo un sorriso potr√† aprirle. 

Nulla nell'installazione fa intuire il suo particolare sistema di apertura.

LINK at our interview at Radio Rai 1, 27/10/2014