Press release (english)

Curated by Giusy Ragosa
The Institute of Italian Culture of Athens, June 8 – 16

The Institute of Italian Culture of Athens is delighted to present Italian art collective ANTONELLO GHEZZI.

Formed in Bologna in 2009, young duo Nadia Antonello and Paolo Ghezzi have appeared at prestigious exhibitions across Italy and abroad, including the Biel Center in Beirut, Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires, the Moscow Biennale, and the National Gallery of Bologna.

ANTONELLO GHEZZI has distinguished itself in the crowded contemporary art world by disrupting our expectations of art and finding the extraordinary in the seemingly everyday. ‘Don’t forget the magic,’ the artists insist, rehabilitating the beauty of the simple over our fascination with the complex. A door can open with a smile, a workplace wall can tell your fortune, or, as is the case from the June 8 to 16 this year in Athens, the Institute of Italian Culture will be transformed into ALL THE STARS, ALL THE SEAS.

Visitors will step through starscapes as they are viewed by those on Earth, at war and peace, imprisoned or free. Made in collaboration with INAF, the Italian Institute for Astrophysics, the pinpoint-precise light from multiple constellations will illuminate a journey across a divided world united by a common heaven. ‘A shared sense of wonder is an abiding theme of our work,’ said Antonello Ghezzi. ‘We want to interrupt the autopilot of our ordinary lives with unforgettable moments of magic.’

Like… the sound of Shooting Stars. At the forefront of using technology to create art, the collective has worked with scientists to bring you the sound of a shooting star live, at the very moment it tracks across the sky. Visitors will also be able to reflect on themselves in Star Maps. The artists demand more of us in other works – bringing a literal quality to the word “reflection” – look in the mirror and reflect on this: to Dream, to Look Again… the commandment of the Oracle to Know Thyself runs deep in these works.

We plunge from the heavens into the sea – that other undiscovered country, full of yearning and menace, that makes each object its own. In ALL AT SEA the artists paired driftwood and glass to create a unique union between nature, fabrication and reflection.

ALL THE STARS, ALL THE SEAS is produced by the Institute of Italian Culture of Athens.

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Translation by Nick Tancock