the milky way house


The Milky Way House at Beit Beirut

Concept solo exhibition
From 29 April to 27 May 2022
Beit Beirut Museum
Curated by May El-Hage, with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute of Lebanon.

For the duration of our exhibition Beit Beirut is the official headquarters of the Milky Way.

Flags depicting our galaxy wave in the external and internal spaces of the building and the exhibition halls are conceived as real offices where people can carry out specific practices such as self-declaring themselves "Citizens of the Milky Way" and formalizing their citizenship, go to the Wish Office, where you can wait for a shooting star live, claim your loss at the Lost Wishes Office, delivering the appropriate form or admiring, in the iconography chosen by the artists, the visual materials that testify our different points of sight towards the same sky that unites us all.

(Photo credit Hani Llbrahim)