abbi divertimento sulla terra e sul mare

Abbi divertimento sulla terra e sul mare
(Have fun on Earth and sea)


When we see soap bubbles, we return children. Blowing is a liberating gesture: we free ourselves from the superfluous from disturbances, turning them into bubbles. It is not something actually useful, but we continue to do so, we had not stop making useless gestures if they are beautiful.

The performance is a silent poetic act that builds an ephemeral soft landscape.
These gestures are a kind of detoxification nonviolent, not noisy and impetuous, light and smiling against what we suffer, be it anger, sadness, uncertainty... 
It  is an invitation to blow it all away.

The performance was conceived in relation with the project "La Cura" by Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico.

Photo Credit Lorenzo Burlando
Photo Credit Giuseppe Rado