legare la terra al cielo

Legare la terra al cielo
(Tie the Earth to the sky)
Performance exhibited on November 9th 2021 in Savigno (Valsamoggia) curated by Adiacenze
Baloons, gas helium, luminescent strings, dark place and new moon night)

How much do we need to stay tied to the sky?
Are we just external spectators or are we part of everything that comes from up there, such as water, light, night, stars?

Linking the earth to the sky is an ephemeral work, an immersive installation that aims to reflect on the magical and poetic potential of the nocturnal landscape and light, as well as on the relationship of the human being with nature.

The public of this moonless night comes to a place chosen for its darkness.
Thin threads of light appear to their eyes and hover upward. Ideally they unite our little planet to the whole universe.

People who have arrived here, far from the lights of the city, find a spatial intervention in which they enter and modify, building a new landscape, an architecture made of ideas, poetry, light and imagination.
These threads, charged during the day by the sun, give a dim light during the night.