pitti uomo


Show's invitation and set design for:
"Constellation Africa" show at Pitti Uomo 88, project of International Trade Center/ Ethical Fashion Initiative

The nation of each designer is represented during the show by the sky full of stars that they would look up to from their home country. 
Antonello Ghezzi’s star map project allows one to gaze up at a sky full of stars. Each star map represents the exact positioning of the stars above us from a specific point and time. Viewing a star map, a person can share the same moment and the same view as another and understand that we are all under the same sky – a sky that is not segregated by fences or flags, but one that unites us all. The world has no borders. Looking at the stars, one can travel, hope, dream and feel part of wider space and can reach out to the world. The world is our space, wherever we are, be it in Italy, the Ivory Coast, South Africa, Nigeria or Angola. You are here on this point that is the entire world.