stringere lo spazio di me e te

Tightening the space of me and you
Performance and installation
Ambiental dimensions, glazed ceramic

Exhibited at:
2020 - Galleria Vannucci, curated by Manuela Valentini, Pistoia
2021 - Without frontier Lunetta, curated by Simona Gavioli, Mantova
2022 - Habitat Artspace, curated by Adiacenze and Manuel Portioli with the support of Cone7 and Italian Institute of Oslo, Bergen

“Tightening the space of me and you” is an ongoing performance. It is a work of relationships, unexpected relationships or relationships with those you love.
We have been collecting dozens of handskaes between two people, we gave two people a piece of clay which they held in their hands, leaving their fingerprints. Thus creating unique sculptures of the space between two hands that clasp. Each of these sculpture has become part of the large final installation.