to the moon

To the moon

Alla luna

Tapis roulant, wooden ramp,metal poles, stretch film, 2019

(290×190×617 cm)

1st April - 18 May 2019 

Exhibited at Palazzina dei Bagni Misteriosi in Milan curated by Giovanni Paolin. A project by Marina Nissim and in collaboration with Galleria Continua, Associazione Pier Lombardo and Teatro Franco Parenti

20 July 2019 - 20 July 2020

Exhibited at MUSE in Trento

Tecnhical support by Technogym S.p.A.

Alla Luna is an installation that stems from an experiment to measure a marvellous distance: that between the Earth and the Moon. 

The distance that separates us from the Moon counts 384,400 km.
The installation is participatory, in which all humanity ideally takes part. It stages a collective space mission that acquires meaning when everyone decides to be present, even if only with one step. These steps, collected one after the other, will allow us to reach the top, and watch ourselves from afar.

On thetreadmill's display the number will decrease with the distance that separates us from the Moon.

The first part of the mission has opened at the exhibition Immersione Libera at Bagni Misteriosi in Milan, where participants traveled 118 km.

Photo credit Melania Dalle Grave and Agnese Bedini for DSL Studio