Performance and installation
"T'Oracle Project" is a on-going and travelling project.

It was presented on:
09/2019 - Festival Resilienze, Serre dei Giardini Margherita, Bologna, curated by Federica Patti
04/2016 - Lebanese American University, Beirut (Lebanon)
05/2014 - Fortune, Tell me, Bologna - Permanent installation for Marchesini Group
08/2012 - Blik Opener Festival, Delft (Netherland), curated by Marsha de Bell, in collaboration with the architect Anna Romani
03/2012 - Sarajevska Zima, Sarajevo Winter Festival, Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina), curated by Ibrahim Spahic
02/2012 - Museum of Contemporary Art of Villa Croce, Genova, project curated by Anna Santomauro, Silvia Cini and Francesca Serrati
07/2011 - Festival dell'Arte di Trento, curated by Marco Cruciani, Francesca Piersanti and Mario Garavelli
05/2010 - Camminart, Bergamo, curated by Matteo Caglioni

In ancient Greece, people went to Delphi to pose their questions to the Oracle.
Here, we bring the Oracle to the peolple and members of the public can write their own questions. 
As an answer, they receive someone else’s question. 
The project unfolds in various cities and situations, mapping people’s different questions.