vedere me in te


Vedere me in te

(Seeing me in you)

Permanent installation in the ex-lavotoi (wash house), opened on 17/07/2021 for the Radicondoli Festival, Radicondoli (SI), curated by Massimo Luconi.

It is a site-specific artistic installation, a portal of mirrors, set in the spaces of the wash-houses, which carries the words:

Then an eye viewing another eye, and looking at the most perfect part of it, the thing wherewith it sees, will thus see itself.

The wash houses were a place of sharing, of friendship, where human relationships were intertwined in everyday life, with hands in the water and eyes looking at each other.

In the book "Alcibiades I", Plato tells of the dialogue between his teacher Socrates and the politician Alcibiades. They ponder the "Know thyself" inscription in the Delphi Temple and its meaning from which comes a precious reflection that still speaks to us, perhaps stronger than before. He urges us to look into the other, and recognize ourselves.