ongoing and upcoming

☛ 15th September - 3rd November 2018: "Esodo" at Galleria Spazio Testoni with Giovanni De Gara, Bologna
☛ 21st Semptember: "Poetic design" at Spazio b5 for Bologna Design Week, Vicolo Cattani 5b, Bologna
☛ 26st Semptember h 10 pm: "Be Romantic" at Spazio B5 for Bologna Design Night in collaboration with Vetreria Bazzanese, Vicolo Cattani 5b, Bologna
 January 2019: Πασατέμπος [pasatémbos], curated by Orasi, Athens


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Nadia +39 380 78 80 175, Paolo + 39 327 564 36 57

Palazzina Liberty, Giardini Margherita
Piazzale Jacchia 1/4, Bologna